oh potato, why art thou?
We love our clients. But we hate potatoes. Don’t be one.
Tick-Tock Potato
“I needed this done yesterday, I don’t give a potato”
They have a general lack of awareness of the space-potato continuum
Kitchen-sink Potato
“I swear on my potato this was included”
Fact : If you just squeeze hard enough, even a potato will start leaking
Aggressively-Passive Potato
“Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate”
They disappear for months, then suddenly re-appear & bombard you with potatoes
Broke-ass Potato
“Don’t come diggin in my potato field”
Already emptied their bank accounts, but they’ll send plenty of potatoes your way in the future
Whos-a-Whats-a Potato
“How would I know, I’m just a potato”
When you don’t magically have the answers to their ambiguous potatoes, guess who they blame?
No-Respect Potato
“You ain’t even worth a potato”
Their buddy Joe can get it done in half the time for half the potato